Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finishing Touches

We checked out a baseball game at Fenway Park last Friday night, special thanks to our neighbors. There was a fight.

The next morning we had a garage sale, where we worked quite hard to earn a dollar, but were overall successful.

Now, we are frantically packing our most treasured (might not feel as treasured after we shuffle them from MA to CA to NZ) possessions into boxes and further into our relo-cube. Forrest has been doing most of the work, as I am still working. He's the greatest.

Last night my neighbors held a goodbye bbq for us. It was quite nice, and they presented me with a lovely parting gift. I will sincerely miss them.

Oh and, I have a new job! Hooray! I will be working for Opus in Christchurch New Zealand as a Senior Environmental Engineer.

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