Monday, July 18, 2011

First 900 Miles

Forrest and I left 02138 (Cambridge, MA) yesterday at 8:30am. Sometime later, and through MA, CT, NY and PA we ended at my Aunt's house between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. Even though we arrived around midnight my love for hot air balloons propelled me awake at 6am today. My Aunt recommended we view a portion of the Mid-USA Ohio Challenge.

Perhaps I should take you back to when I first fell in love with hot air balloons. Once (as 12 year old Sara) I was stuck in the very back bench seat of the 15-passenger van owned by my parents to lug all (six) of the Gulick kids around to various campgrounds and miscellaneous after-school events. One trip, completely nauseated in the back of the van, I gazed longingly outside the window hoping for either a smaller van, less kids, or time travel. Instead I saw a hot air balloon and grabbed our video camera and filmed the (not so eventful) path of the hot air balloon. 20 minutes later i knew the giant floating nylon orb was for me. and that I'd probably get busted for wasting 20 minutes of tape and battery.

Knowing my back-story on the balloons, my Aunt recommended this mornings event, and I'm so glad she did, it was probably the most spectacular sight I've seen in a long while. At least 25 balloons emerged from the mist and floated past us, simply amazing. Photos

Tomorrow our goal is Kansas. Watch out Dorothy and Todo.

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