Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to New Zealand, Love!

Hi there, reporting to you live from New Zealand. We are perched on top of a hill, in the Cashmere region, overlooking the Southern Alps. We are staying at a temp rental, here is the view out the bedroom window, at sunset.

We arrived 2 days ago, on Monday. The flight was rather uneventful, not counting the severely drunk and throwing up man a few isles up from our seats. (sad to say he was American, wonder how we get such a bad rap internationally?) We flew Air New Zealand direct from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand, had a short layover in Auckland, then onward to Christchurch. A new coworker of mine waited about an hour for us to go through customs at the airport. Then he helped us with luggage (3 large pieces each) and showed us around Christchurch. We also went for coffee then relaxed for a night in a motel.

Yesterday, recharged from 12 hours of sleep, we went house hunting. We checked out a great location in the Sumner Beach area, it was very lovely (and purple). We also drove to the Waimairi Beach area, northeast of Christchurch and located on the beach.

It's been eventful here, to say the least, trying to learn why everyone is calling me "Love" and understanding that a "plunger" is actually a coffee press, and not something you use in a plugged toilet. Also, "Cheers" means thank you, not, hey clink my glass against yours.

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  1. glad you guys arrived safe! The "cheers" is out of control in NZ, I couldn't stop myself from saying it all the time. Enjoy!