Tuesday, October 11, 2011

brown paper packages, (not) tied up with strings

Well here we are in our second week of work. Back to detesting Tuesday because it's in the middle of the week and drinking weird coffee.
We are getting settled into our new house, or unsettled as I experienced my first earthquake this past Sunday, at 8:35pm. A 5.5 magnitude quake. good lord.
Prior to the shake and rattle we rolled to a lovely bay town called Akaroa, pronounced ack-A-row-A.

We walked around a bit in the seaside town, it's quite beautiful/peaceful/charming. It was a little chilly, so of course, i had to buy a hat, decorated with a sheep.

We ate the local standard, fish & chips, from a restaurant called, Akaroa Fish & Chips. We noted that the fish portrayed on the sign looked a bit disgruntled, perhaps it saw too many of it's kin folk thrown into the deep fryer? But seriously, who (in their right mind) doesn't love fried things? we purchased some little brown packages, all origami folded to contain fried goodies with just the right sprinkle of salt. mmmm.

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