Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gidday, Mate!

It's week two in my new office, and day 23 in Christchurch. We've been fairly busy since my last post.
Forrest bought a car. We're naming it The Wild Blue Wonder.

We checked out Arthur's Pass National Park. Pictured is a waterfall in the Devils Punchbowl.

We bought a giant leek, at the local farmers market.

I made Leek risotto with sizzled mushrooms, my sous chef helped.

I also made ham and cheese scones and ginger crunch slices. I even bought a special slice pan for the occasion.

We took a few walks around our neighborhood, Sumner/Clifton. The water you can see is the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, here we have some photos of our house, and the gondola that takes us up to our house. The gondola is private for our Track. There are about six residences that use the gondola and you need a code to get into the gondola area. It's so much fun, kind of feels like a carnival ride to and from work! You will see a flag on the gondola, this is in support of the New Zealand Rugby team, All Blacks. Several signs can be seen throughout the city proclaiming "Go The All Blacks". seems like quite a mouthful.

Lastly, my goal for this work week is to use the local terms "mate" and "cheers" appropriately and in the correct context thus increasing my assimilation into this culture. Forrest seems to be stuck on the phrase "sweet as", I think he just does it to annoy me. ;)

Here's what my name card at work looks like, now if i can just get my coworkers to call me Sara instead of Cera - (sear-ra).


  1. Thanks for the update! I love that you used the New Zealand RecipeFinder for your risotto.

  2. Wait, what? YOU ride that thing to your house? They don't have stairs? What if the engine is broken or you need to carry something big, like a mattress??

  3. hello ! just found your blog :D

    haha they call you Sear-ra. our good kiwi friend pronounces Ben "Bean" and we tease him for it.