Monday, November 21, 2011

Camping, Boxes and Roses

It seems I am on a 2-week posting schedule! We're been busy unpacking and enjoying the sunshine. I will post a few updates from the last few weekends.
November 5 weekend we went camping with some of my co-workers in the Arthur's Pass area, specifically Hawdon Valley. It had snowed the night before we went camping, well, snowed in Arthur's Pass, not Christchurch. The snow was amazingly beautiful.

The full gallery of photos can be seen here. Some of the photos were taken by my Nikon partner in crime, Forrest.

Our shipment arrived via the Pacific Ocean and Crown Relocation on November 10. The relocation team used the gondola to bring our boxes up to our house. I think they were secretly overjoyed not to have to carry the boxes up the steep incline.

I even found my Ove(n) Gloves (thanks dad). If don't own any, you should really consider purchasing. My dad says everyone needs two Ove Gloves.

November 12 weekend we celebrated our second public holiday in New Zealand, Canterbury Anniversary Day. We decided to take a break from unwrapping our items and drive north up the coast to Kaikoura.
The first day was a little rainy, but we decided to make camp anyway, right next to the beach.

but the next day, the sun came out,

This past weekend we went paintballing, with some of my co-workers. As you can tell from this photo...... i was scared. i will never go paintballing again, but at least i can say i tried it once. i did not end up with many bruises, probably because i was busy swearing and screaming at my opponents... er.. co-workers. This morning at work, coffee time wasn't too awkward. well. not as awkward as you might think.

Sunday we took a nice walk in Hagley Park, which contains the Botanical Garden. The rose garden was in full bloom.

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