Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wine bus to Waipara

A few things have happened over the last week at work. I am on the social committee, we have a paintball event lined up that i am trying to get excited about. (mostly i am just picturing me leaving the paintball field painted in various polka-dot paints and bruises on my body to match.)
I also started up with the work "beach" volleyball league. I decided it was time to overcome my residual fears from the high school "sara vs. volleyball net wire" episode that resulted in about 20 stitches. "beach" volleyball because the courts are in sand, but no where near the beach. I am told that after Christmas the courts move to Sumner Beach, which is located directly outside our living room window. The games last night were fun and i managed to come away with only minor injuries, no stitches, success!

This past weekend Forrest invited me to attend his company's "Wine Down" social event. The wine bus departed for the Waipara Valley around 11am. We made stops at Torlesse Winery, Waipara Springs Winery, The Mud House and ended at Brew Moon Bar and Cafe for a beer sample. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We rounded off the day with an impromptu BBQ at Forrest's coworkers place.

Sunday we hiked 10k (round trip) from our house over to Taylors Mistake, a nearby beach. I finally touched the southern Pacific Ocean. It was a fairly mild temperature. Remind me of that when i start up surfing lessons and am shocked through my wet suit.

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