Sunday, March 25, 2012

Grape Ride - just a taster

We just finished the busiest month ever, with a 42km (roughly 26 miles) bike ride (known as the Taster Course, as the full ride, Grape Ride, is 101km) in the Marlborough wine region. We rounded up 8 or so friends and headed off with our bikes.... with 2,500 other bikers doing either the 42km or the 101km course.

I finished 233rd place, woohoo! with a time of 1:51:50.
Forrest finished 232nd place with a time of 1:51:48.

I let Forrest place before me because I felt sorry for him, as he had to replace the tube of his tire minutes before the race began. it was high drama!
the race and the trip was great fun, we are even considering biking 101km next year!


  1. Looks like it was good weather for it, not too hot. A nice way to finish off your Summer! Post more pictures, Please!

    1. i just posted 3 huge posts of photos... did you read the posts from the visitors? look at the 2 posts before this one.