Sunday, March 25, 2012

menus and food blogs

If you know me well then you're quite aware that i love to cook. turning vegetarian for January and about 70% vegetarian currently, has made me refocus on purity of taste and ingredients. I've also been really focused on not eating too many things that i didn't personally make or see being made. if an ingredient seems mysterious, don't throw it down the hatch! i also love google reader and subscribe to several food blogs, some of my favorite (in particular order) are:

Simply Recipies
Smitten Kitchen
Vanilla Garlic
Cheap, Healthy, Good (no mayo)
fat free vegan

what have we been eating lately?
Butternut Squash with pasta and sage, or some combination listed here
i made a quiche and an apple pie lately.

Forrest made me Aloo Go and Mushroom Risotto

i've also recently made banana bread and we have different curries (Japanese or Thai) at least twice a week.

i'd like to try and find a good recipe for a Barley Salad i had at Pukeko Junction cafe... was very tasty.

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