Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Last Two Months

I knew I was forgetting about something, oh yes, the blog, life updates, etc. Sad to say that I was absent from blogger long enough for them to change the posting protocol! Life here has gotten much shakier in the last week, including a 5.2 earthquake yesterday. You can see the trend data of the earthquakes here. I don't talk much about the quakes because I don't want to frighten people (mostly my mom), but they are a part of our life here, and cannot be readily ignored. 

ok, starting from where I left off from blog land, or approximately April, we flew across the Tasman Sea to Sydney, Australia. Where we spent a lovely four day Easter weekend. Pictured below is the Sydney Opera House, The Harbour Bridge, Downtown Sydney from the Harbour Bridge, The Three Sisters of Blue Mountain National Park and Forrest perfecting his handstand.

Shortly following the Sydney trip we travelled down to Arrowtown New Zealand for our engagement photos. We really enjoyed the photo session and our photographers were outstanding. A little sneak peak of the photos is below, we have over 200 images so you will likely see more as the wedding plans develop.

The following weekend we took a short boat cruise around Lyttelton Harbour with Forrest's work group. It was a fun event. 

The next week was another holiday, mid-week ANZAC Day. We headed out to Lake Sumner for a quick bike ride.

The next major event was our Cinco de Mayo party, where 40 people showed up in costume and ready to have some fun. The tequila and tacos were plentiful, as were the sombrero's and fake moustaches.we even had a pinata!

After the Cinco de Mayo party we needed to take a break and set up the tent in the great outdoors. We traveled to the Rangitata River Valley to camp at Lake Camp (ironically enough).

Last weekend Forrest took a gnarly hiking trip with three other engineers, the photos are absolutely stunning and can be found here. I went to Auckland with a friend that is headed back to the UK. Auckland had a great city feel to it, and it's only 1.5 hour plane ride north (on the North Island).

As you can see, my lack of blogging wasn't because I could not reach my laptop from the sofa. We have been very busy, per our usual selves, and are looking forward to the upcoming winter season. They say it has been known to snow here in Christchurch, guess we will see! Take care Friends (and internet stalkers)!

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  1. Glad you got back to the blog! I've been missing your postings. Great pictures, including the engagement pictures, wonderful! Yep, you've been busy. I saw the pictures from that freezing hike Forrest went on with the guys, Brrrr!