Tuesday, August 21, 2012

on 30 trips around the sun

here we are and another year has passed. I've been thinking about birthdays, and how many birthdays i actually remembered, or what i remember, in general, about my childhood.

1. first actual memory - red polka dot bikini and a kidding swimming pool, age around 5. not my birthday but memorable because that's when i started loving polka dots and probably the last time i looked decent in a bikini
[huge gap in memory, likely due to the fact that i gained 3 brothers and 1 sister in this time period, see photo below, man, i didn't know what was coming... but, possibly still one of my favorite dresses... if you can't tell the finer details of the print, it is little girls, with hula hoops]
 2. birthday age 11, hanging up my own decorations around our living room, being an in-general-brat, aged 11, wearing (prescription) glasses exceedingly too big for my face

3. birthday age 18, last birthday with two grandmothers, first birthday it didn't rain. probably a coincidence
4. birthday age 21, delayed surprise party with good friends at college
5. birthday age 26, one heck of a celebration in Phoenix, it's not every day you get to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of turning 21
6.  birthday age 30, Moab, Utah, really really hot summer, recently engaged and heading to a surprise hot air balloon ride in New York followed by the best brunch, ever

 7.  birthday 31, first ever birthday in the winter season, living in a place I'd never even given second notice to, and having the most amazing fiancĂ© plan a surprise trip to Hawkes Bay, located on the east coast of  the North Island.

we had a wonderful time, relaxing in a cottage, Forrest driving me around to endless wineries for tastings as well as a wonderful lunch followed (much later) by a beautiful dinner. To top things off Forrest even presented me with a surprise gift. What a wonderful weekend and perhaps one of my favorite weekends in New Zealand so far.

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