Saturday, December 15, 2012

02138 loses a rare gem

I set the alarm clock to snooze as it trills at 6am. It feels cold. It's February, 2011.
6:20am, alarm again, still cold. Hop out of bed and ramble to the shower. Peak out the window while showering and realize it has snowed a bucket-load and a half in Cambridge while I was sleeping.
Begrudgingly get ready for work and dress in full winter armour. Snow boots, puffy jacket, scarf, gloves, hat. Head down the stairs to catch the bus. Realize I forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter, head back up the stairs, try to open door handle with gloved hand, with no success.
Hurry back down steps, almost fall to my death while tripping on myself in my big snow boots.
Walk a short distance to Mt. Auburn Street. Feeling exceptionally sorry for myself that I moved back to the Northeastern US, for this, for winter.

"hello honey"
I hear the familiar voice and turn and give mid-60s Lebanese man a smile and a wave, "Good Morning, Karim."
"just missed the bus, honey."
"yeah, just a bit delayed this morning, oh, here comes the next one!"
"be careful crossing the street, honey." Karim cautions as I proceed across 4 lanes of angry Boston bound traffic.

6pm, sprinted from the red line train to bus 73 to get home in enough time to make my class at the gym. exit bus at Aberdeen Ave.
"good day, honey?" Karim asks
"yeah it was ok, hey why aren't you wearing any gloves, it's cold outside?" I question Karim as he pumps fuel for standard sedan that frequents the fueling station where he works.
"the gloves get in the way of using the pump" Karim answers.

Really this epitomizes Karim. Caring beyond his own comfort. My Aberdeen Ct. friends have informed that Karim has passed away from his battle with lung cancer. Karim worked at Nick's Gas for more than 25 years and cared about every. single. person. that he crossed paths with, who can say as much of someone? Especially in a world, such as Boston where "good morning" almost never gets a response and often times a pregnant lady doesn't get a seat on the train.

Even though I have only known Karim for what equates to minutes of his whole life and even though I only spoke with him briefly each day for nearly two years, I am deeply saddened by the loss of this man.
Boston Globes Comments

Rest in Peace Karim Alagha, you will be missed. 

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  1. Thanks for this posting, and the link to the article in the B G. He was what we should all aspire to.