Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Kiwi Christmas

For our first Chrismas in New Zealand we decided to take a hike.

 On Stewart Island. 

for 100 km.

On Saturday we will drive from Christchurch to Invercargill and then fly to Mason's Bay on Stewart Island. Stewart Island is the island south of the South Island (named Stewart because they used up the easy names, i'm assuming.) I am very excited (?) to be flying in a six seater plane and landing on the beach! then begins our 100 km walk around Stewart Island. adventure! after 7 days (or so) we plan to fly or ferry back to Invercargill and then drive to the Catlins (area D on map), which will roughly be New Years Eve. After that we will travel up to Area E for the Central Otago Rail Trail which is a 150 km bike trail (approximately 3 days). Then I hope to go home, and sleep. 

here is our planned driving route road trip!
stewart island route (more info)

Happy Holidays to you and yours, may you cherish the time with loved ones and also your hot shower and amazing food, such as prime rib, shrimp and wonderful desserts, since i won't be having any of these thing this holiday season.

also a special note to my family, as this is the first chirstmas i haven't spent at home in my entire life: i love you all so very much and hold you in my heart every single minute of every single day.


  1. Looks like Summer Christmas fun. Then, when you get back, go to a really nice restaurant for a special dinner. Have it both ways!

  2. haha yeah! we're going out tonight for a nice dinner :)