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June-July-August 2013

I suppose the reason the blog has been left by the wayside isn't a particularly new excuse; I've been busy. Here is a brief update and a token photo of the general activities.

June: My last grandparent passed away, a few days before his 84th birthday. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel back for the funeral and spend some extra time with my family. I was able to see all siblings, their partners and my nieces and nephews. Incredibly lucky to see everyone, considering the unfortunate event.
I got a new job and got rid of my old. Very excited about this! The three aforementioned events happened within 5 days of each other.

Early June we travelled to the North Island to visit sulfur filled Rotorua and a bit of the (extremely rainy) Coromandal Peninsula.
I also published my first work, a travel guide for Christchurch, which is available on Amazon.

White Island - Bay of Plenty - North Island

Hobbiton - Matamata - North Island

Colton, Haley, Emma & Dallas

Ellen & Michael

July: We attended the US Ambassador to New Zealand's 4th of July party in Christchurch, then traveled with friends to Lake Ohau to continue to celebrate a little skiing (wasn't much snow).   I also started my new job and we did some house sitting at a farm 45 minutes southeast of Christchurch.   The ducks disappeared for most of the time their owners were away, then magically returned a few hours before the owners returned. mysterious.

Lake Ohau

The ducks

August: We hiked to Lake Daniells, in the Lewis Pass region.  Travelled to Samoa to celebrate my birthday and then celebrated Forrest's birthday a week later in Christchurch.  We attended Forrest's company's mid-winter party, donning masquerade masks. 

Lake Daniells

Forrest in the South Pacific
Traditional Fale (no electricity)

N'amua Island (home of traditional fale's)

Posh fale at Coconuts Beach Club
September so far: Last weekend we hiked up to Carroll Hut, within the Kelly Range, the West Coast side of Arthur's Pass National Park.

Carroll Hut - little white dot in photo
Attempted YMCA

Dan and Lu


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