Monday, May 27, 2013

FoodBox - FoodCreation 1

I am sure by now you've seen my Facebook posts proclaiming the wonderfulness of the local food co-op that started here in Christchurch a few weeks back. 
If you missed it, i can summarize. For $20 I've received all of the pic pictured items, delivered to my door. check their website
Tonight, I complied my first meal from this box (actually, a beautiful jute bag) of food. Four days post delivery; the meal turned out fantastically.  I would actually refer to this meal as happiness in a bowl.  Even my beet hater, Forrest, 'they taste like dirt!', loved the soup!
I followed this recipe, borscht, pretty much exactly. additions were: three cloves of garlic (from the delivery) with the onions and a few sprinkles of dried dill throughout the cooking time.  Top tip: wear black clothing when match sticking the beets and some latex gloves, otherwise you and your kitchen will resemble a murder mystery sitcom.
Now, if you study my photos closely, you will likely see that my match sticking is not quite at professional level (my sister the chef won't be too impressed, sorry E!)... nor is my cabbage shredding. and I'm fairly certain that the Russians would not refer to this soup as borscht, but it matters not, the soup was absolutely divine. Beautiful sweet and earthy flavour. Even better, easy enough to prepare post-work.

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  1. Wow, Sara, that looks delicious! Even Forrest can learn to appreciate beets in the right context. All that is needed is some sour cream and it's dinner! Beautiful dish. I'll have to check out your Facebook page and Chris's too.