Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Years!

I turned 30 in Moab, Forrest had planned this trip even before we knew we were moving to New Zealand, because he knew how much I wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.

We woke up at 4:30am on my birthday, got ready, and met with the chase vehicle for the hot air balloon ride. As fate would have it, the balloon ride was canceled, due to high wind.

It’s funny, even with the last four months of planning, not once did it cross my mind that we wouldn’t be riding in a hot air balloon to celebrate my birthday, so I was pretty crushed.

I took a few photos of the sunrise, since we were up anyway.

Instead we waited until 7am for a breakfast place to open, and we considered our options over eggs Benedict and coffee. In the end we decided to take a half day rafting trip down the Colorado River over Class 1 and 2 rapids (since it was late in the rafting season, classifications are lessened). Please enjoy a few laughs over the following photo.

Then Forrest treated me to a birthday cake appetizer and a wonderful dinner at Desert Bistro, in Moab. The food was amazing! I also had the best dirty martini, ever. (sorry Pammikins, had to do it without you)

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