Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forrest, Sara, John Muir and 100 miles

We are about to begin our hiking adventure into the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks along the John Muir Trail. Distance to hike is estimated at the end of each day. We won't have cell phone service, but will be transmitting our GPS location to a few family members/friends so they know we are safe.

We will start at South Lake trailhead on August 4th or 5th and hiking over Bishop Pass

Day 1: Le Conte Canyon, John Muir Trail junction, 11.5mi
Day 2: Palisade Lakes, 10.0mi
Day 3: Lake Marjorie, 11.0mi
Day 4: Arrowhead Lake, 12mi
Day 5: midway up Bubbs Creek Canyon, 10mi
Day 6: Tyndall Creek / Shepard Pass trail junction, 9.6mi
Day 7: **floating rest day** (i like this idea, perhaps if i made the schedule i would have increased it's frequency)
Day 8: Guitar Lake, 11.4mi
Day 9: Whitney Portal parking lot, 9.9mi (w/ side trip to Mt Whitney summit, +3.4mi RT)

End at Whitney Portal on August 12th or 13th

We're carrying everything on our backs (food, cooking and camping gear, clothing), I will post later the division of weight per person. I suspect John Muir won't be carrying much. Most of this is hiking at about 8,000 ft or above, which will be a new adventure for me. I am most excited about the possibility of no mosquitoes.
The photos below are a food/drink items for our packs!

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  1. Hope you have a fun (and safe) trip! Sounds very exciting and I can't wait to read about your adventure!