Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last Day of Summer*

*"it's not really the last day of summer!!!" - Forrest
however, officially, 1 March is the first day of Autumn, in New Zealand, no matter what the orbit of the Earth tells everyone else in the world....... never mind.

Let's us do a Summer Recap! Considering I have been FaceBook Free for February (and maybe Forever) and I haven't updated the blog in two months !

Christmas was fun and we had spectacular weather, which is really the best thing to ask for in a Kiwi Summer. We loved Stuart Island and enjoyed feeling like we were flying into Jurassic Park upon landing in Mason's Bay. We saw Kiwi Birds near Freshwater Hut (refer to previous blog post). The Kiwi Birds were amazing! as big as chickens with huge beaks (and Forrest likes to say, Huge Talons and Claws!). After Stewart Island we traveled to the Catlins, which is basically southeast Southland, or if you are looking at a map of New Zealand, the southern part of the South Island. Again, the Weather was AMAZING. After the Catlins we went to Wanaka and hiked to the Rob Roy glacier. Then traveled to do some mountain biking on the Central Otago Rail Trail. We camped most nights, Forrest caving in to a hotel on 2 occasions, one time because there was snow on the ground.

A few weeks after Christmas break we went to Melbourne! It was amazing! We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Women's Semi-Final Tennis match in the Australian Cup and we also saw the Cirque du Soeli show 'Ovo", also fantastic! It was Forrest's first encounter with Cirque so I was happy he enjoyed it. We  basically followed Anthony Bourdain's food recommendations...cleverly outlined on this blog post. Using a local travel guide also helped, check out Unanchor for your next trip.

This month we have enjoyed Waitaingi Day and visitors beginning 8 February through 19 March. Gina and Isaac have come and gone and Anthony is currently here. Tom and Christina arrive in three days and we're very excited to be hosting so many lovely faces!

So if we have been a bit out of touch, it was for good reason :) Now, onward to the Autumn* season, or as Forrest like to call it, "still Summer".

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  1. Great Pictures! I hope the weather stays Summery for you. Autumn will set in soon enough!