Monday, May 27, 2013

March - April - May

 March, April and May... Where did you disappear to? And also, sadly, our summer is also gone. Here are some of the highlights of the last three months (complied whilst listening to the freezing rain hit the roof).

We had the pleasure of three lovely visitors in March. Making the best use of time we all hiked the Milford Track together aka 'The Finest Walk in the World'. It was lovely indeed, not sure it was the finest, but it was damn beautiful. We swam everyday because it was too hot and we didn't have a drop of rain the entire time.

Our visitors were really amazing, truly. A big thanks to Anthony, Tom and Christina for a beautiful visit.
Late March a few friends and I went to Hanmer Springs to celebrate an upcoming wedding. I can't share too many photos of the festivities, but an excellent time was had by all.

We had two public holidays in April, Easter and ANZAC Day.  Since having a busy time with guests and whatnot we decided to take a quiet Easter at home.  The weather was stunning and  I was quite happy to be staying in and relaxing.  We took a ride on the newly opened Christchurch Gondola, got an amazing amount of flowers for $15 and took a hike in the TOO HOT weather and picked apples on the way home (Forrest's first time).

 All of these apples cost $10. That's two heaping grocery bags full! amazing! So with the apples i made applesauce, apple butter (in the crockpot!), spicy apple chutney, a few apple pies and a few apple cakes. and i didn't use all of the apples. I even gave a few dozen away. $10 well spent.

The second holiday of the month, ANZAC Day, we went to the local memorial service and left for a hike in nearby Kaikoura (2.5 hour drive north) the next day. We hiked up Mt. Fyffe, a 1,602 meter (5,260-ish ft) mountain, and camped outside of the hut. It was a VERY steep track but offered beautiful views of the Kaikoura Peninsula.

The next weekend we held our annual Cinco de Mayo Party. We had a few less guests than last year, and less dress up participation, but had fun anyway.

A few weekends ago we traveled with some friends to Mt. Cook National Park to hike up to Mueller Hut (1,800 meters, 5,900-ish ft). The weather was absolutely stunning, perfect amazing conditions. Forrest was so inspired about this particular trip that he even started writing in his blog again! Check out his entry on the hike. (note: i almost said 'epic hike', but due to my severe dislike of the word 'epic', i refrained.)
We couldn't walk much after this hike, for an entire week.

So i was more than happy to take this last weekend as a foodie weekend.Put aside the hiking boots for a few days and put on the fashion boots.

We traveled down to Invercargil to the Bluff Oyster Festival.  Some 4,000 people attended a festival whose town normally boasts 1,800.  The Bluff oysters a large, juicy, briny goodness, slurped down with just a squeeze of lemon. I think we ate about three dozen all together. yum.

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  1. I like the Cinco de Mayo faces you did for the picture! And wow, those oysters looked wonderful, have you had them BBQ'd? Over on the coast in Olema they have them at an eatery right off the hwy. Yum! Very popular, worth waiting for a seat.